Balance Ball Yoga

Balance Ball Yoga combines Western and Eastern philosophies of healing. By practising Balance Ball Yoga, you will understand effective coordination and natural movement, whilst unlocking stores of previously untapped energy. You will have new realizations about your body’s potential as well as higher levels of personal confidence.

Motion Analysis Clinical Massage

The goal of Motion Analysis Clinical Massage is to discover the weak link or links in the kinetic chain movement and compose the proper clinical massage therapy to meet the needs of each specific client.

World tour

Our courses are offered outside of Thai at universities and hospitals in Europe.

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The word Yoga, in the original Sanskrit language, means, “to control, yoke, or unite.” We chose the term, “Yogi Mahout” because our aim is to understand and unite with the nature of the elephant. Also, this course will give you the experience of working with a diverse group of people, and help you understand how to unite and work together with each other, the elephants, and nature.